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iLink Development Services believes in share value for our Customers. Our approach in servicing is the idea that ‘not one solution fits all situations’. Influence, partnership, supplier maturity, and finance are amongst other factors that play a big role in the potential for success in improving factory performance. We endeavor our vision to improve.

Driven by professionals, we believe in creating value for our clients, for us, and for society at large.

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Our Vision

Establish long-term partnerships with global organizations to providing sustainable services.

Our Mission

Build a responsible business relationship that makes this world a better place.

Our Services

Factory Evaluation

Before placing an order in a new factory it is important for the customer to understand that their chosen manufacturer has the necessary infrastructure, systems, processes and capabilities to fulfill it. They also need to ensure that local and international standards of quality and safety are consistently maintained across all of their international vendors, and throughout the manufacturing and delivery process. We would also verify that the factory respects all national legal requirements, safe working conditions and fair labour practices.

Product Safety

Children wear brands in many countries must comply with all industry and legal requirements. The mandatory legal requirements are different for different countries. The requirements vary from designing a safe product to chemical compliance to flammability to nightwear regulations etc.

We help ensure that products shipped meet all requirements facilitating smooth business.

Supply Chain Management

It is crucial to a business to know that it’s sourcing a manufacturing site that employs quality systems and good manufacturing processes. Our comprehensive, tailored approaches illustrate what is really happening within supply chains. Our supply chain management services measure business risk on the following points.

1. Product quality and safety
2. Capacity and capabilities
3. Workplace conditions
4. Security
5. Environmental sustainability

Multistage Inspections

During the entire product cycle from sampling till shipping, we conduct inspections at various stages. Elements of this process may vary depending on the individual client and their needs.

1. PPS Control – Pre-production Sampling Control
2. Multiple Inline Inspections
3. Mid Inspection
4. Pre-Shipment Final Inspection
5. Packing / loading inspection.
6. Quality project for dedicated customer

Ethical Audits

Brands are increasingly held accountable not only for their own performance but also for the performance of their international supply chain, including the working conditions of factories in which a product is manufactured. Companies are increasingly using social auditing as a core function to meet demands for corporate accountability.

Typical social compliance audit may not illuminate all working condition problems and opportunities for improvement within any given business. Moreover it is being seen that independent audits conducted by the vendors themselves do not paint the correct picture, which makes for deep and worrisome challenges in terms of credibility and reliability.

C-TPAT Assessments

We have a team of experts that conducts C-TPAT assessments at the supplier base. With our expertise in C-TPAT security requirements, we assist in improving business efficiency and reduce risk wherever possible in the supply chain regarding security. This program calls upon importing businesses and service providers to establish policies enhancing their own security practices and those of business partners involved in the supply chain, based on C-TPAT security criteria, like – Business Partners Requirements, Container Security, Physical Access Controls, Personnel Security, Information Technology Security, Security Training and Threat Awareness.

Audit Programs

Client CoC & Environmental Audits

We work for international brands to conduct CoC and Environmental audits for their supplier factories in countries such as India, Srilanka, Pakistan, Middle East, Cambodia, Thailand, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.

The Social & Labour Convergence Program provides the tools to capture accurate data about working conditions in global supply chains. This multi-stakeholder initiative replaces the need for repetitive social audits by facilitating data sharing. We are accredited to conduct SLCP audit programs in countries such as India (4 verifiers), Srilanka (2 verifiers), Pakistan (2 verifiers) and Kenya (2 verifiers).

Higg is an integrated software platform that helps you take responsibility for your business’s environmental and social impact. HIGG helps to assess your value chain performance within established industry standards. As an approved verifier body of the HIGG, our verifiers have completed the required training and possess all the technical and social skills needed for the verification.

Our Speciality

iLink Advantage

Our ability to handle different products gives us an competitive edge over others. We are successfully serving some of the top international brands since our incorporation. In the challenging times where every brand is trying to keep the costs down, we offer the right solution with more value in less cost.

iLink Experience

We are a team of professionals with vast experience ranging from 8 years to 18 years in the field. We operate across geographies and have experience in working with both domestic and international clients. We are now expanding our business operations to more niche markets to serve our clients faster and better.

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